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KAHE 2023

June 25, 2023

Latest company news about KAHE 2023

Time: July 8-9, 2023 Location: Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center
      Industry Background: Rural Revitalization and Animal Husbandry Must Develop

Yunnan Animal Husbandry Association
Yunnan Poultry Industry Association
Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Co organizer:
(Centralized collection)
Undertaking unit:
Kunming New Direction Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition Introduction:
The 5th China Southwest Animal Husbandry Exhibition (KAHE 2023) will continue to be held at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 8-9, 2023. The exhibition is jointly organized by Yunnan Livestock Industry Association, Yunnan Poultry Industry Association, and Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and organized by Kunming New Direction Exhibition Co., Ltd. The planned exhibition area for this year's exhibition is 30000 square meters, with over 400 expected exhibitors and 30000 professional visitors; Committed to promoting globally leading new products, technologies, and models, exploring the healthy development path of the animal husbandry industry, with the aim of creating a unique platform that deeply cultivates the Southwest market (Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Hunan) and connects with the Southeast Asian market; At the same time, the 7th Yunnan (2023) Pig Industry Development Conference, the 2023 Southwest China Cow and Sheep Industry Exhibition, and the 2023 Southwest China Animal Husbandry New Products and Technologies Seminar and Conference were held to promote in-depth communication and exchange among participating enterprises, breeding enterprises, distributors, traders, and breeding households. Closely focusing on the urgent needs and development direction of enterprises and industries, smooth supply and demand docking, enhance market vitality, and promote industrial upgrading and development; KAHE 2023 has attracted industry attention, with numerous industry leaders and emerging enterprises serving as the platform for new product launches; The organizing committee sincerely invites outstanding enterprises in the animal husbandry industry to participate in exhibitions and visit procurement.

Previous Review:
The KAHE2022 Southwest China Animal Husbandry Exhibition was grandly held from July 27 to 28, 2022 at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition continued to receive strong support from various levels of regulatory units, industry associations, domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises, agents, distributors, retailers, breeding enterprises, cooperatives, animal husbandry practitioners, enthusiasts, media, and other individuals in Yunnan Province. During the conference, multiple peak forums were held, providing a rich and colorful experience for enterprises Opportunities for communication, exchange, learning, and cooperation through multiple channels.
KAHE2022 has attracted more than 300 domestic and foreign exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 20000 square meters. The exhibition scale has doubled compared to the previous one, comprehensively showcasing new technologies and products in the animal husbandry industry, as well as difficulties and solutions in animal husbandry technology. During the exhibition, more than 20000 people were attracted to visit and purchase, which has been highly recognized by Southwest animal husbandry enterprises and distributors; (For more information, please follow the official WeChat official account "KAHE Southwest Animal Husbandry Exhibition")

KAHE2022 Selected Exhibiting Companies and Brands: (Ranked in No Different Order)
Yunnan Shennong Group, Dabeinong Group, Muyuan Shares, New Hope Liuhe, Charoen Pokphand, Wens Foodstuff Group, Dekang, Tieqilishi, Yongcheng Group, Difu Farming, Jin Hangchen, Yimin Breeding Base, Xingping Animal Husbandry, Anfengying Breeding Pig, Yunnan Fuyue, Guangdong Meijiabao, Fengqing Breeding Pig, Zhongyuhua Series, Guining Breeding Pig, Guangxi Nongken, Guangxi Guiken, Weichai Shares, Zhongpu Biology, Huapai Biology, Yunnan Biopharmaceutical Luxi Veterinary Medicine, MSD, Weilan Biology, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, North China Pharmaceutical Group, Jinyu Biology, Yongshun Biology, Tiankang Biology, Tianlong Technology, Shidelai, Dashu Ren, Kunming Yunling Guangda, Huaxi Group, Phosphate Chemical Group, Wuhan Xinhuayang, Ningbo No.2 Hormone Factory, Zhengyu Pharmaceutical, Huayu Biology, Beijing Jinnar, Huawei, Omis, Zhu Ledao, Zhu Zhuxia, Yunnan Muchuang, Xiongyun Biology, Hongfa Heavy Industry Zhongke Gene, Sichuan Rongzhou, Shanghai Hanjia, Hexie Group, Yiyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Quangao Environmental Protection, Shandong Liangbang, Lvheng Dynamic Protection, Feiyang Pharmaceutical, Ruisheng Group, Maofeng Special Automobile, Huamu Special Automobile, Hengchuan Special Automobile, Kangmu Special Automobile, Runli Special Automobile, Sanxin Animal Husbandry, Zhongru Biological, Hengjia Biological, Shengteng Dynamic Protection, Jianda Dynamic Protection, Yunnan Provincial Animal Husbandry Association Exhibition Group Leading domestic and foreign industry enterprises such as the Yunnan Poultry Industry Association Exhibition Group actively set up exhibitions, bringing leading breeding technologies, products, and models.

KAHE2023 Highlights
Gathering of brands and promoting a grand event together
KAHE2023 adheres to the principle of becoming bigger and stronger, highlighting high-quality products. In addition to all the listed companies, industry leaders, and international brands that participated in the previous exhibition, the organizing committee will continue to invite well-known domestic and foreign brands and advanced breeding technologies and models that are interested in exploring the Southwest China market and the Southeast Asian international market to actively participate, mobilize industry associations to organize groups to participate, and invite Southeast Asian trade associations to actively set up booths to participate; Create a high-level and high-quality event;

Complete range of exhibits and further improvement of the industry chain
In addition to showcasing high-quality livestock and poultry varieties, feed, veterinary drugs, animal protection, breeding equipment, environmental protection (including sewage treatment equipment), processing, ruminant breeding and other animal husbandry industry chain products, KAHE2023 has added the "2023 Southwest China Cow and Sheep Industry Exhibition" to further enrich the one-stop procurement and exchange platform for animal husbandry industry;

Enriching concurrent activities, searching for new products, and exchanging new technologies simultaneously
KAHE2023 is not only a platform for industry brand enterprises to showcase, but also a stage for industry experts to exchange ideas and breeding artisans to learn technology. The Southwest Animal Husbandry Exhibition closely follows industry hotspots, gathers innovative ideas in the industry, invites industry experts and practical experts, and provides technical exchange and sharing for the industry. At the same time as KAHE2023, the 6th Yunnan (2023) Pig Industry Development Conference, the Southwest Cow and Sheep Industry Development Conference, and the 2023 Southwest China Animal Husbandry New Products and Technologies Seminar and Release Conference were held to promote better communication and learning among participating enterprises and farmers on the development achievements brought by new technologies and products;

Refined exhibition area distribution and more precise procurement docking
KAHE will continue to subdivide exhibition areas, building on the existing exhibition areas for feed, veterinary medicine, breeding livestock and poultry, breeding equipment, and environmental protection. In combination with the policy measures of the country's strong support for the development of the cattle and sheep industry, and following the suggestions of exhibitors and purchasers, a new exhibition area for the cattle and sheep industry will be established, with a focus on showcasing new products and technologies required for ruminant breeding; More convenient for exhibitors and buyers to accurately connect and efficiently participate in exhibitions.

Exhibition scope:
Feed, veterinary medicine, animal protection, breeding/incubation, breeding equipment, environmental protection equipment, slaughtering equipment, forage and machinery, refrigeration, packaging, transportation, testing equipment, software and automation systems, farm construction, livestock and poultry products;
Note: It is prohibited to exhibit products without production licenses or quality certificates.
Target audience:
Southwest cities, counties, townships, and village level agents, distributors, and retailers;
All domestic and foreign animal husbandry practitioners (including pig, poultry, ruminant and other breeding enterprises, farms, slaughterhouses, etc.);
Industry supervisory units, industry associations, farmers' cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, and related organizations;
Higher education institutions, research institutes, investors, financial service institutions, and animal husbandry enthusiasts;

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