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How to solve the problem of horses -racing diseases?

July 12, 2022

Latest company news about How to solve the problem of horses -racing diseases?

You need to know about matteritis arthritis you need?


Learn more about this serious disease that affects all varieties, disciplines and ages

You, Ma Lord, ask, we listen to: arthritis is an extremely common disease. Whether it is in the short term or long -term management, you will feel frustrated. Let us review the situation before answering some of the latest development of the field.

Arthritis only means arthritis. Several types of arthritis may occur on the horse, from infection to age and exercise years. However, under normal circumstances, the word owner uses the word arthritis to replace osteoarthritis -a chronic, performed, painful cartilage degeneration, which is located at the end of the joints in the joints, as well as the bones and soft tissues below.

Bone arthritis (OA) was called degenerative joint disease in the past, and it would affect any joints encountered by two bones covering the cartilage -called joints. In sports/competitive horses, we often think that OA affects limbs, such as flying festivals, knee, knee joints and foot locks. Classic signs include swelling, lame/pain, stiffness, skeletal changes, and twisted sounds caused by fever and joint liquid -the affected joints will make burst sounds, friction and crackling sounds and feelings.


"Knee, (fat legs), flying festivals and knee joints are actually some of the most common joints with OA diagnosed, but any joint joint may be affected, including along the spine, hip, or even jaw or temporal temporal temporal Square joints, "DVM, MVB, DIPL's Sheila Laverty. ACVS, ECVS, Professor of Marginum and Malaysia Surgery Service at the University of Veterinary Medicine at the University of San Yarsontreal, Quebec. LaVERTY also led the school's orthopedic research laboratory, and she said that the laboratory is committed to improving joint health of all species.


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Question: How do I measure the pain of my arthritis horses?

This is a wonderful problem, because the main clinical symptoms of OA are pain and manifested as lame. The most commonly used method for assessing lame is veterinary lame examination. Usually, the elevation table of the American Equestrian Practitioner Association, and the flexion test and anesthesia block (regional or joint, if possible) to accurately determine the pain site. The ray photo (X -ray) shows a typical OA lesion, but it may not be obvious in the early stages because the cartilage is not seen on the X -rays. The horse with mild OA usually appears stiff when coming out of the horse or starting to work, and then warm up and looks more comfortable. More severe signs include swelling, fever and continuous lameness, which may affect comfort and exercise ability.


To complicate the situation, OA is one of the situations that people tend to think of horses because it is common. However, it may have serious consequences without consulting the veterinarian without consulting veterinarians, and treatment of it may have serious consequences, delay proper treatment, and consume valuable ownership resources.


"Suppose a horse is dangerous with OA, because there are actually several other cases similar to OA -related lame," Lavery warned. "This list is very long, which can (including) affect various diseases of bones and soft tissues."


Q: How can I keep my arthritis and horses comfortable?

At present, despite a large number of drugs and non -drug options, the choice of pain in the treatment of OA horses is still limited. Common pharmaceutical methods include:


1. Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, such as BUTE oral administration, usually take once a day; or
2. Injection products containing hyaluronic acid or polysulfate activated ingredients, such as polysulfate glycosamine (PSGAg) and sodium polysulfate (PPS).

Tibeton is a synthetic corticosteroids used to treat inflammation or conditions under the treatment of an important role in the immune system. The anti -inflammatory effect of groundcin is about 25 times that of natural cortisol.

Tibetamonone is usually used in horses to treat allergic reactions, such as respiratory allergies, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Heaves), urticaria, itching, and inflammatory diseases including arthritis. Your veterinarian may also use a large dose of sezematone in an allergic response, spinal cord injury or shock. The dose for the treatment of emergency medicine and autoimmune diseases is much higher than the dosage used in other circumstances. Dibamethasone is used to treat some situations in local treatment of skin and eyes. Topical preparations may include other active ingredients, such as antibiotics, antifungal or mate killer.


Demindamisone is approved by FDA for animals, including horses. When the veterinarian manufacturer cannot obtain a suitable dosage form, it can be prepared by a professional pharmacy.

How to give


This medicine given you according to the veterinarian's prescription. If you missed the horse in the horse to shoot the ground, I remember to give the next dose immediately, or if it is close to the next plan, then return to the normal plan. Don't double the dose.

Wash your hands after taking the medicine for your horse.


Side effect

Be sure to discuss any side effects with your veterinarian immediately.

Corticosteroids such as dexamethasone are powerful drugs. Although they have many positive effects, when they are overly used or used, they may definitely cause negative side effects. Systemic side effects usually depend on dosage and treatment time.

Sonalticitis may be the side effect of any corticosteroid on the horse. Be sure to discuss risk factors with your veterinarians and how to monitor your horse vertebral tubulitis.

Long -term use of dexamethasone can cause urination (urine), increased water consumption (urine), and muscle atrophy.


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