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Ukrainian customers visit

August 26, 2021

Latest company case about Ukrainian customers visit

Our company has been in the veterinary medicine industry for more than ten years. Since I joined the company, our customer base has been increasing. I have received a lot of enquiries, and one of the Ukrainian customers impressed me the most and at the same time made me the most proud.


On March 11 this year, at 11 pm, I received an inquiry from Ukraine. The name, purpose, specification and quantity of the product are clearly written above, let us quote. This is a mature email, and we immediately sent the quotation with the specific unit price, quantity, terms, and delivery date to the customer. After waiting for a morning, the customer replied to the email the next day and asked us 3 questions:

1. Are you a manufacturer?

2. How long will it take you to produce?

3. Please quote the freight too.


Seeing this email, I know my opportunity is here. The customer must be satisfied with our price, so I hope I can provide further information. So I answered the questions one by one according to the customer's questions, and paid extra attention to the font and format. After the customer received my email, he replied, expecting us to quote a sea freight price, because he felt that air freight was too expensive. After receiving his email, I responded quickly within 10 minutes. The customer received the email saying thank you for my very quick and important reply. He needs to discuss with his boss and then reply to me.


After waiting for a day, the customer came by email, saying that he expected to cooperate with our company and buy our products. But they are not very sure whether we have actually made this product. So I immediately replied, saying that his product is used on poultry to increase laying hens and prolong the laying period. We are very clear about the purpose and requirements of the product.


Customers are very happy to receive our reply, knowing that we are professional and able to answer all their questions very quickly. So the customer proposed and hoped that we would send him samples. After a week of waiting, the customer said that he had received the sample. So he asked us to have a video conference with their boss and financial manager. Through the meeting, we exchanged simple greetings with each other, and then answered several customer questions, and reconfirmed the price, delivery date, and payment method. When we ended the video conference, the customer's order was sent. Next, I paid the money very smoothly, 10,000 U.S. dollars.


After this order, I realized that to do business, what we need is professionalism, and it is very important to respond very quickly. Strike while the iron is hot, fast and good is our magic weapon to grab customers. At the same time, we should release every product with great care, because every potential customer may be our major customer.


In the future, I will be more attentive and strive to find more good customers belonging to me in the blue ocean. At the same time, I would like to thank my leaders and colleagues for giving me guidance and opportunities so that I can grow and learn.

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